From the experience of the father to the passion of the son

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The Monti family feel a heartfelt responsibility to pay attention to the environment. Today, modern measures are used for internal processing thus ensuring significant energy saving, and avant-garde techniques have been adopted for the disposal and recycling of waste and packaging. Ecology and sustainable development are the values that characterize the strategies of a company that looks to the future with knowing eyes. Ever aware that every choice or gesture made on a daily basis leaves an indelible imprint in our ecosystem.


The Norwegian company Jangaard, one of the largest exporters and manufacturers of cod, has decided to invest in an ethically correct Italian company: Foods Import dei F.lli Monti, the very best in cod processing. Jangaard identified an indispensable ally in Foods Import dei F.lli Monti for the processing of the finished product, recognizing the careful organisation of the processing steps which result in the highest possible quality, the technological skills for the transformation and wide variety of processed products offered, and, above all, a trusted friend for almost 100 years.
The world’s leading producer of cod is “made in Italy”