The evolution of tradition:
our HPP system


The Monti company has managed to combine the ancient practices used in the production of salt cod and stockfish with innovative and natural soaking technology and shelf-life.

Thanks to the new machinery for cold sanitizing at high hydrostatic pressure (HPP), and besides the traditional methods of preservation, Monti can now also provide the following advantages: longer shelf-life for this ready to use product, no use of preservatives, no alteration in the PH, treatment at very low temperatures, guaranteed sanitization and increased preservation of the qualitative standard of the product over time. In addition to that, there is a reduction in costs generated by returns on supplies due to short shelf life, facilitating exportation to countries which have a zero tolerance policy for listeria (i.e. Canada, Japan, U.S.).

How does the HPP treatment operate on Cod and soaked Stockfish: the product, which has already been rehydrated and vacuum packed, is placed in a cylinder inside the machine which, subsequent to lateral hermetic sealing, is filled with water at 3 ° C. This, in turn, is subjected to a pressure of 6,000 atmospheres for some minutes. The high pressure damages the cell wall of microorganisms. Consequently, intracellular reactions no longer occur correctly and the microorganisms, not having the chance to recover, deactivate.”

It is this combination of tradition and innovation that has resulted in the Monti company’s many accomplishments, both big and small, since 1903.